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The Importance of Intelligent Colouring for Simulation Decomposition in Environmental Analysis PDF
A. Alam, M. Kozlova, L. T. Leifsson, J. S. Yeomans 63-73
Analysis of Rainfall Trends in India, Incorporating Non-Parametric Tests and Wavelet Synopsis over the Last 117 Years PDF
K. Kumar, S. Verma, R. Sahu, M. K. Verma 74-88
Hydro-Meteorological Disaster Incidents and Associated Weather Systems in Sri Lanka PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
H. I. Tillekaratne, I. M. S. P. Jayawardena, V. Basnayaka, U. Rathnayake, I. Werellagama, S. Herath, K. W. G. R Nianthi, C. M. Madduma-Bandara, T. W. M. T. W. Bandara 89-103
A Review on Noise Pollution Monitoring, Mapping, Modelling, and Health Impacts PDF
V. Kumar, A. V. Ahirwar, A. D. Prasad 104-114
Air Pollution: A Review of Its Impacts on Health and Ecosystems, and Analytical Techniques for Their Measurement and Modeling PDF
G. Mekuria 115-131
Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for the Optimum Use of Multi-Reservoir Systems: MRP Complex, Chhattisgarh PDF
S. Verma, I. Sahu, A. D. Prasad, M. K. Verma 132-144