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Energy, Water and Environment

Guest Editors:

W. D. Zhang
People & Prosperity Pillar, UNDP China, Beijing 100600, China

G. H. Huang
Institute for Energy and Environment, University of Regina, Regina, SK S4S 0A2, Canada
Global Climate Change: Assessing the Importance of the Roles of Ice Cover and Glacial Changes PDF
E. A. McBean 68-74
A Reliability-Based Optimization Model for Operational Management of CCHP System PDF
X. Wang, K. C. Liu, Y. M. Tang, Y. Xu, W. Li 75-86
Influence of Environmental Factors in Hydrodynamic Modelling of Bacterial Distribution in Stormwater Ponds PDF
F. Allafchi, C. Valeo, J. He, N. F. Neumann 87-101
Study on Dynamic Water Environmental Capacity of Fenghuangshan Drinking Water Source Area in Three Gorges Reservoir PDF
S. Y. Liu, Q. D. Zhu, A. F. Zhai, X. W. Ding 102-110
A Study of E. coli Contamination in Household Drinking Water: A Case Study in Rural Areas of Zhangye City, Northwest China PDF
H. Liu, G. W. Huang 111-119
Ecological Impact Analysis of Dispersants and Dispersed Oil: An Overview PDF
X. D. Ye, Z. W. Zhu, F. Merlin, M. Yang, B. Chen, K. Lee, B. Y. Zhang 120-133