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Evaluation of Water Management Effectiveness by a Multi-Dimensional Approach PDF
G. W. Huang, Y. Wei, F. Kuan 1-7
Fuzzy ARTMAP driven features selection: towards a system to design information fusion for the geographic discovery PDF
P. F. Prado, I. C. S. Duarte 8-16
Biological Treatment for Greywater Reclamation PDF
X. J. Chen, Y. H. Wu, S. Young, W. W. Huang, M. J. Palmarin, Y. Yao 17-27
Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network and Markov Chain Based Geospatial Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Change PDF
L. Shen, J. B. Li, R. Wheate, J. Yin, S. S. Paul 28-38
Perspective on Site Selection of Small Modular Reactors PDF
X. Y. Zhang, G. H. Huang, L. R. Liu, J. P. Chen, B. Luo, Y. P. Fu, X. G. Zheng, D. C. Han, Y. Y. Liu 39-48
Land-Use Variations in Regions with Rapid Economic Development - A Case Study in the Pearl River Delta PDF
M. M. Hu, B. C. Xia 49-58