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A Stepwise Regression and Statistical Downscaling Approach for Projecting Temperature Variations under Multiple RCP Scenarios PDF
X. Huang, X. Zhou, G. H. Huang, Y. P. Li, Y. F. Li
Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Sediment and Demersal Fish Species in Western Offshore Nigeria, Gulf of Guinea PDF
A. Y. Sule, A. S. Yakub, O. A. Agwu, B. O. Bassey, J. K. Igbo, B. O. Bello, O. A. Abiodun, O. A. Olapoju, E. O. Nosazeogie, M. A. Izge, A. F. Haruna
Modeling Uncertainty Quantification of NDVI of Agricultural Fields through Bayesian Linear Regression in Time Series Prediction PDF
M. Srinivas, P. R. C. Prasad