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Plant Selection of Ecological Embankment for Nitrogen Removal in Lihe, China

M. N. Li1, L. H. Wang1*, D. Zheng1, X. Ge1, R. Cheng1, and M. Y. Wang1

  1. School of Environment and Civil Engineering, Jiangnan University, 1800 Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214122, China

*Corresponding author. Tel.: +(86) 0510-85326581. E-mail address: (L. H. Wang).


Eutrophication is one of major environmental problems in the Lihe area, China. Reducing the entry of external nitrogen is an effective way to alleviate this problem. Plants, growing in ecological embankment can absorb nitrogen from soil and effectively achieve the purpose of reducing external nitrogen into the water. In order to choose suitable buffer zone plants, this paper explores the viability under three nitrogen concentrations (low, middle, and high) in soil of 13 common plants around Lihe area and their nitrogen utilization ability. Results show that there is no obvious relationship between the absorption and utilization of nitrogen and classifications of plants. JNL (Jasminum nudiflorum Lindl.) possesses high plant total nitrogen concentration (PTN), PTN increase ratio, nitrate reductase activity (NRA), chlorophyll content, and excellent chlorophyll fluorescence parameters under the three nitrogen levels, which demonstrates that JNL adapts well in three nitrogen environments and has a high nitrogen absorption capacity. Therefore, it is the first candidate for Lihe ecological embankment. In addition, BML (Buxus megistophylla Levl.), SJL (Sophora japonica Linn.), OJKJ (Ophiopogon japonicus (Linn. f.) Ker-Gawl.), and RPL (Robinia pseudoacacia Linn.) are also promising candidates. This article provides a technical reference for the establishment of Lihe ecological embankment, and the suggested candidate plants include three classifications (arbor, shrub, and herb), which is not only conducive to the local ecosystem stability, but also in line with the landscape design concept.

Keywords: Lihe River; flora; ecological embankment; soil nitrogen removal

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